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The Game Chasers Season 4 Blu-Ray

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The Blu ray is a TWO DISC, 50 gig each, set inside Digi-pack packaging to match our previous DVD release packaging. The Blu-ray is packed to the brim with as much content as our previous DVDs, and will play on any and all blu-ray players, and is region free!
What is in this set:

An all new 1080 high Definition transfer of Each Episode and mini-chode of season 4
New extended edits of each episode with added footage not seen on youtube.
Audio commentary from the crew and special guests on each episode.
An exclusive documentary on the events of season 4.
Exclusive: Over an hour of never before seen outtakes edited together like one long episode.
Exclusive: A choose your own adventure, virtual game chasing game. Even bigger than before!
Exclusive: Dodongo tries to beat Mega Bug for the first time since a kid. His long-awaited chance at redemption has arrived.
Exclusive: The return of Dodongo's Den.
Exclusive: A look back at our favorite finds of the season
And of course, interactive menus and animations!
Exclusive: never before seen animations from the canceled 5th cartoon