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The Game Chasers Season 5 Blu-Ray ( Pre-Order)


Image of The Game Chasers Season 5 Blu-Ray ( Pre-Order)

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. Item Will be shipped at a future date when manufacturing is complete.

-Each episode of season 5 remastered and uncensored, many extended just for this set, including added scenes and new footage
-Commentary on each episode
-A documentary on the making of season 5
-Over 1 hour of Outtakes and deleted scenes
-Interactive menus
-A never before seen episode featuring unused footage from season 5
-"The Dodongo Den" Part 3
more to be added and announced

Fan-favorite episodes include:

Episode 50 With Chris and Jay fighting over the Sega CD case!

Episode 46 Where they guys exchange games for beer

Episode 52 Where Eric is scared *hitless in a game store basement

Episode 43 Where the guys get robbed

Episode 45 With the Atari ST song...

Episode 49 With there turn of Dodongo from hiatus